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OEM / ODM Case Study

Our highly-trained technical sales specialists and industrial designer chat with you about your idea, iron out any design and technical issues.

Phase 1 : Concept Development

our experienced industrial designer analyze the completed design and begin computer rendering. modify the specifications as necessary until final design is ready for development.

Phase 2 : Product Design

our experienced engineers analyze the completed design and begin development. the e-Concept design is turned into 2D and 3D drawings.

Phase 3 : Product Development

engineering drawings are finalized for production and prototype are generated for review. any modifications to the design are added, and the design re-cycles.

Phase 4 : Prototype Fabrication

molds fabrication, post-Production Support, graphics artwork, safty testing and document control & backups

Phase 5 : Pre-Production

products are manufacturing under advance machinery and skillful workmanship, with seriously quality inspection and control, goods are manufacturing to guarantee unrivaled quality and client satisfaction.

Phase 6 : Production